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Since our fabrics are naturally dyed and painted by hand, we cannot guarantee a product will look exactly like the photo each and every time. Each product will have something special about it - that's the exciting bit about hand painting.

Slight color variations occur through different computer screens and photos. If you are concerned about color, please order a swatch of a fabric to see it in person. We are confident that everything looks the best it can in person. Order a swatch by filling out a form here.

We are a small operation. All orders are made when placed on items that are limited runs. This means that we paint, dye, cut and sew each item after your order is placed. This could take 2+ weeks. If you're buying a one off piece, then it will be ready for shipment upon ordering. There will be no other one like it.

You will receive a care instructions card with your order of our hand painted textile pieces. Please follow these instructions. We usually recommend a light hand wash with light soap and hang dry for our cushions. For our soft sculpture, we recommend a spot clean. Our soft sculptures are decorative and do not include an insert, so they cannot be submerged in water. 


Our furniture is fabricated by an independent, skilled artisan in Chicago. Each piece is made when it is ordered, and will take around 8-10 weeks until it is ready to be delivered. 

For one-off handmade objects, the item should be ready to be shipped as soon as you purchase it.

Please read care information for our furniture carefully. We recommend light dusting with a microfiber cloth. The steel and paint combination may involve some scuffing at times. We are not responsible for the natural wear of these pieces.

Colors may change depending on computer screens. If you are worried about color, please contact us for a paint sample by filling out a form here.


We can only grant refunds or exchanges if the piece is damaged or defect in some way. As stated, colors can be sneaky at times when viewed on different computer screens, so we recommend that you order a swatch or paint sample if you are worried. 

If you are granted a refund or exchange, we will send it to you as soon as we receive the original piece back in our hands. 

Please pay attention to cleaning information listed on each item. We are not responsible for any issues that arise from cleaning. 

We are unable to refund you for the shipping of the original piece. We may or may not cover the shipment of the original piece or exchange depending on the item, damage and circumstance.

Please contact us at or on our contact page with issues concerning your purchase, exchange and refund. We will do our best to assist you.


We do not have a fabric printer and do not digitally print fabric in-house. If you are interested in our digital print design, you will be responsible for sourcing and ordering fabric.

When agreeing to view our password protected areas, you may not share any of those images on social media without our consent in writing. If we see that you have shared images without our consent you will be removed from our password protected areas and reported for copyright infringement. 

Colors vary slightly depending on computer screen and printer. We are not responsible for those issues after you have sent your fabric to the mill. 


We currently use USPS to ship our textile and object pieces. For our furniture, we use FedEx. Shipping options are limited at this time, but please expect more options to arrive soon.

We only offer international shipping to some countries for our textile items and small objects. For our furniture, we only offer shipping to the United States at this time. If you do not lived in the United States and are interested in our furniture, you are welcome to inquire and we can look into it for you.

Each textile item is painted and sewn in Audrey's studio. Production time for our made to order textile items is around 2-3 weeks. You will be notified of shipping when it occurs. 

Furniture is fabricated by an independent fabricator, Pyramid Schematics. Our furniture can take 8-10 weeks for production time before they will be shipped. We will keep you updated through every step of the order, and you will be notified if production will take less time.

Thank you for your patience!


Our studio and showroom are in flux. If you would like to see our furniture pieces in person, please contact us to set an appointment and get more information.

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